Child Friendly Holidays


Child Friendly Holidays

welcome you to our site!

My name is Tom, I am 12 and live in Yorkshire in the Uk

I have set up the Child Friendly Holidays website with my dad to help kids influence their parents choice of holiday destination. My Dad and I may a great team. He has worked in the travel agency all of his life and was the owner of an online travel business a few years ago. I am a kid, and therefore can advise my father on the places that kids will find great (he’s too old to remember!)

I want fellow kids from around the world to send reports to my blog of their favourite destinations, hotels and attractions.

Together we can influence our parents into taking us on more exciting holidays around the world!

To make things interesting I will be awarding my favourite post of the month a front page article on my website, with your parents permission I will also credit your name and show your photo if you wish.

Search for child friendly holidays

in a number of ways

Click here to enter the blog and search for the best child friendly holidays recommended by kids. Once on the blog you will find a drop down menu on the right hand side where you can select a category for the search

Alternatively click on the index bar for hotels attractions or areas on the bar under the hotel photo on the top of each page

Finally type any word into the search boxes found on each page and a list of reports will appear detailing that word (eg. Dubai, London Hotels, Attractions, water parks)

If you would like to send a report click here to be taken to my report form to fill in, or simply post a comment on the blog itself.

Below:Great fun at the Atlantis Hotel Water Park, Dubai


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