Aquaventure Atlantis Dubai Water Park

Atlantis Water Park Dubai

Aquadventue is in my opinion the best waterpark in Dubai! Below is a list of rides which me and my dad have been on. (I was actually too scared to go on the leap of faith, so here’s my dads review on it).

If you stay at The Atlantis Hotel you get free entry into the water park as often as you like. This is great, as when the kids get tired,or if it gets too hot you are only a short walk away from the room. The park is also available to non hotel guests, we recommend booking tickets in advance as at peak times availability may be limited.

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Visit the waterpark midweek, and as early as possible to beat the queues. The park can get very busy on weekends with long queues.

Travel light. The lockers in the park are at least £8, even to hotel residents!


  is 27.5 meters tall and 61 meters long, from the top of the Ziggurat the Leap of Faith catapults riders into a see-through tunnel and through a shark-filled lagoon, where guitar sharks, bow mouth sharks, white tip, black tip and grey reef sharks all live. This ride is only for the brave!
The plunge
Descend from the centre of the Ziggurat on one of the many water-coasters. Twist, turn and blast upwards along the power-jets of The Plunge.
Shark Attack
Journey to the mysterious core of the Ziggurat through dark twisting tunnels before emerging slowly into the lagoon at a leisurely shark viewing pace. WARNING! Sometimes the glass can get steamed up and affect your view of the sharks.
The Conveyor
No need to climb seemingly endless stairs! Jump onto The Conveyor and be taken effortlessly inside The Ziggurat where your next thrilling ride awaits. I’ve never been uphill on a waterslide~ until I met The Conveyor!
River Rapids!
This high octane river takes riders on a white water journey through caverns with many twists and turns. Make what you want of this ride ; it can be a fast-paced adventure or a slow relaxing drift taking in the scenery.


Follow the 600 meter path of a tidal river with one meter waves though a lush tropical landscape. Try not to fall out of your tube!

Water Playground for you Children!

This water playground has loads of thrills and spills for younger kids under 1.2 meters in height. Two huge tipping buckets spin and release torrents of water, climbing frames and rope bridges lead to loads of water slides. You can even soak your dad with water jets and cannons!


There is also a large beach which your parents can relax at whilst you’re conquering the rides.

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