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Take a look at the Disney site below. Looking at the prices, I’m guessing if you go for the animal kingdom hotel, you will get the best deal here as you also get discounts on your tickets etc.

If you decide on a non disney hotel, or maybe have a few days on the resort followed by a few days at another cheaper hotel let me know and I will price it up for you.

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Rockley Park, Poole, Dorset


Rockley Park,Pool,Dorset,England (Haven Holidays)

We stayed in a nice Caravan which was big enough for my Mum, Dad and Grandparents. The site was great, there are lots of things to do for children. My parents wanted to stay at a holiday park near to Bournemouth and this was ideal.

There is an outdoor pool for when it is warm. There is also an indoor heated pool with a great twisty water slide which I went on many times.

There are lots of activities such as a climbing wall, crazy golf and football training.

Climb Wall at Rockley ParkBreakfast with the characters at Rockley ParkOutdoor Pool at Rockley Park

You must walk down to the marina and try some crab fishing. My top hint, use bacon and put it in a little net bag that you can buy from the shop down at the marina. The crabs grab hold of the bacon and won’t let go, we caught about 20 in 1 hour. When you catch them put them in the bucket and then before you go home let them out and watch them race back into the sea.

There is a large amusement arcade next to the sites restaurant. You win tokens from various machines and at the end of the week exchange them for vouchers.

FunWorks Arcade at Rockley Park

There are lots of things to do nearby. Try out Splashdown which is a nearby indoor water park n Pool, there are lots of rides, slides and lazy river. As the holiday park is near to Bournemouth we went to the beach one day, and the Alice in Wonderland mini them park near to the airport.

Get your parents to drive you to Monkey World which is about a hour drive away. This is a massive zoo full of monkeys and you have great fun watching them do silly things. There is also a great tank museum near to Monkey World.

Finally try out Beauleau Car museum. There are some brilliant cars on show here and also a really big country house.

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