Dubai Hot Air Balloon Rides

Dubai hot air balloon flights

Getting up early for sunrise guarantees breathtaking sights and amazing desert views. It is the ideal time for flying as the awesome and serene atmosphere adds to this particular balloon journey! Your balloon takes off from the wilderness oases located to the north of  Al Ain. It can about a good hour’s drive from Dubai. On arrival, you will depart, rising amongst impressive red sand hills. Watch as the balloon is inflated after which you’re rising upward into the early morning sun.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Flight

If you are lucky, you will get views of the desert wildlife, such as Gazelles and Camels.

Breathe in the cool early morning breeze while you ascend up and up as well as admire the view outside as the sun’s very first rays flood the desert . The actual flight time is around 1 hour.

On touching down, enjoy chilled drinks as the pilot provides you with a personalized trip certificate, and souvenirs of your memorable hot air balloon trip . Be welcomed by the warmth from the desert inhabitants who  collect once your heat balloon offers landed.

Cost of Dubai Balloon Flights 


Have an early night. The bus collects you very early in the morning!

This trip is probably not suitable for younger kids, and those elderly passengers who have difficulty moving as you need to climb into the fairly tall basket. Not recommended for children under 5 years old.

Availability can be limited therefore we suggest that you prebook your Dubai Balloon Flight online 

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