Dubai Seaplane Tours

Dubai Seaplane Tours

Seawings enable you to have an unusual sightseeing experience across Dubai’s ever expanding coastal and unique skyline. The aeriel tour takes in Dubai’s most famous landmarks including The Palm Jumeirah, The Burj Khalifa, The World Islands, Burj Al Arab, Historic Dubai Creek, Port Rashid and more.

The Dubai sightseeing flights operate between 600-3000 feet high so you get great close up sights of the landmarks. I will never forget the site of Dubai Creek when we came into land, skimming across the waves until we came to a stop.

Dubai Seaplane Flight

Most of the flights depart from the Jebel Ali Golf Resort or The Dubai Creek and use a 9 seater float plane. There is no better feeling than bouncing along over the waves as the pilot applies full power, then everything turns smooth as the sea plane lifts into the sky. As it is only a small plane every seat has a window, so nobody misses out on the views below. The plane also passes over each landmark twice in opposite directions, to allow everybody on board the chance to take their photographs.

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Pre-book your Seaplane Flight as availability is limited at peak times

The plane has no toilet so make sure that you go prior to the flight

You get a free bottle of water on the flight so there is no need to take your own.

If you get on first, why not sit directly behind the pilot and watch how he fly’s the plane.

It’s pretty hot inside the plane, so travel in light clothing.

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