Places To Visit In Dubai

Things to do In Dubai For Kids

There are a surprising number of Dubai Kids attractions and places to visit in Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, stretching 828 meters. This wonder can be seen from 20km away. At the top, you can look down using a high-powered telescope; still you can’t see the people below you.

You enter the tower from the Dubai Mall so your mum can do her shopping before the visit. You are best booking tickets from the official website as they only let a certain number of people up the tower at a time.

Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is a great Water Based Themepark with lots of rides catering from young kids to adults with no fear. Click here for a great review.

Aquadventure Waterpark

This is another great water park found on the grounds of the Atlantis Hotel. Hotel guests get free access but you can pre book tickets if you are visiting the park. Click here for review

Sega Republic Theme Park

SEGA Republic is a high-adrenaline indoor theme park for the whole family. Conveniently located at The Dubai Mall, the large park has five themed zones featuring 9 thrilling attractions and more than 200 games, from  virtual experiences to cutting-edge motion simulators

The Lost Chambers

The Lost Chambers is a spectacular attraction in the Atlantis Hotel. This ingenious space recreates the ancient lost city of Atlantis. Explore the interactive features of this otherworldly venue, which also houses the Ambassador Lagoon—a massive aquarium filled with local and exotic species of undersea creatures. For a review of the Lost Chambers click here

Childrens City

Is a great area where kids from 2-15 can learn about the world we live in. Interactive areas make this a great are for kids to both play and learn in.

Big Bus Tour

The Big Bus Tour is your open top bus tour of Dubai’s famous area’s demonstrating the rapid rise of Dubai from a small fishing village to a modern, world class city. Take the Day Tour and use the hop-on, hop-off facility to see all of the attractions which have made Dubai famous, or get on the Evening Tour in darkness which gives a totally different take on the city with buildings and hotels illuminated. The day tour can be booked for a 1 day, or 2 day ticket and includes a free Dhow River Cruise and entry into the Dubai Museum. This really is a great way to ensure that you visit all of the sites of Dubai.

Desert Safari

You probably will not find any better location in the world for a desert Safari with thousands of miles of desert. We highly recommend that you take an organised excursion into the desert with a tour company, as it is very easy to become lost in the vast wilderness. Click here for a review’s and bookings of a Dubai Jeep safari

Dubai Indoor Skiing

Yes you are not seeing things, you can ski and play in the snow in Dubai ! Ski Dubai can be found in the Mall Of The Emirates next to the Kempinski Hotel. Here you can ski, toboggan or have snowball fights in the specially cordoned off area. Kids of all ages can have great fun in this location where you can escape the sun. Click here for more information

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo 

Dubai Aquarium  is a massive Aquarium , located in The Dubai Mall. It is the largest suspended aquarium in the world,hosting thousands of different variates of sea life which you cannot find in other areas of the world. I have never been so close to a Shark before,it seemed to be staring at me for ages!

Top Tip : Make a day of it. Visit the Aquarium in the morning, have lunch and then go upstairs and visit Sega World in the afternoon. After Sega followw the signs for TGI Fridays, get an outdoor table and watch the massive fountain show as the sun sets.

The Fountains fire up  water 450 feet into the air making it the world’s largest fountain as it dances to the different notes of music which is played as part of the show.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Flights

This involves an early start as you need to be deep into the desrt by sunrise to ensure that the conditions are calm enough for the ride. There is no better feeling than looking down on the vast expense of desert, looking towards the city in the distance. The flights are really peaceful as you drift along in silence admiring the views below. Click here for desert balloon flight details

Jumeirah Beach and Park

You have the choice of sun bathing and playing in the park swimming pool, or walking through the park and joining the sea where you can then play in the crystal clear Arabian Sea. The Park has picnic area, playgrounds and climbing areas, all pools are monitored by lifeguards making this a great place to visit for the day.

Dubai Sea Plane Tours

Jump on a sea plane and enjoy the exhilaration of taking off on water before swooping low across the Dubai Sky Line. Most tours last for around 30 minutes which gives you long enough to fly up the coast and see sights such as the Palm, Burj Hotel and the magnificent Burj Khallifa Tower. Click here for the Dubai Sea Plane Excursion review

Helicopter flight’s

Another way to see the sights is to take a helicopter flight over the city. Both day and night time flights exist. Marvel at the wonders of Dubai from the air.

Swim with Dolphins

The Atlantis Palm hotel gives you the opportunity to swim with the Dolphins in one of their vast lagoons. This is available as an add on supplement for hotel guests, or as a pre bookable day excursion to hotel visitors. I never realised that Dolphins were so friendly, especially towards children as they seem to enjoy playing with you.

Indoor Sky Diving With ifly Dubai

This is a sky diving simulator where a massive blast of air keeps you suspended in flight as if you were actually sky diving.The great thing is that even kids can take part in the dive, which you certainly cannot do in real life! You get all of the kit and an instructor gives you a briefing on what to do. Don’t worry, you are hovering low level over a trampoline type structure so if you fall you will simply bounce!

Dinner in a Doughnut

No you are not seeing things! Board a doughnut shaped mini boat (I think that they carry up to 6 people) and float into the lagoon whilst you cook dinner on the on board barbecue! I cant say that I have experienced a meal like this anywhere else in the world! You can book your dinner in a doughnut experience at the Dubai Golf Club

Take A Dhow Tour

A Dhow is based on an old fashioned fishing boat which used to frequent the Dubai Creek area. You can now cross the creek on a Dhow ride as part of your doubke decker bus tour ticket, or you can prebook a leisurely dinner cruise down the creek taking in the sights at sunset.