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Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

This Dubai Waterpark belongs to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel but you can buy a day ticket to access it. The park has many area and is suitable for both young children,teens and adults. If you are into surfing there is an excellent area called wipeout and riptide which send out massive waves into which you can surf. There are only 4 rides like this worldwide.

Wipeout & Riptide

Breakers Bay is another wave pool which sends out 1.5 metre waves which you can swim into. I like standing for the wave to arrive, and then get washed off my meet as it hits me. It feels like you are doing somersaults in the water!

Breaker's Bay

Flood river allows you to ride a rubber ring around a mekebelieve river. The only snag is, every so often they send a massive tide of extra water and you have to cling on tight and ride the waves. It is great fun!

Flood River

Juhas journey is much more relaxed. You simply ride on a ring around a lazy river and relax.Juhas Dow And Lagoon is for the smaller kids. It is a large pool with many water slides running into it. Be careful though, here is a massive buckets which empties and covers everybody nearby with water.

Tantrum Alley is a great water ride. Up to 4 people can share a tube and you are thrown all over the place as you are thrown through 2 tornadoes and pass through the eye of the storm.

Master Blasters is like a water based roller coaster. You can be blasted up to 15 storeys high before commencing the journey around the ride on your tube.

Buraj Surf is one of my favourite rides. You go flying down a really steep slide in a tube, get thrown around two twisting spiralling twists before you are dropped into a second slide and dumped into the pool.

The Jumeirah Sceirah is the ride I was too scared to go on. You climb up a 32 m tower, And then have to stand inan enclosed capsule. You are in the dark and then the bottom of the capsule open and you are in free fall, dropping 120m at 80km/hour. Maybe I will try this when I’m a little older!

Jumeirah Sceirah

Top Tips

The water park gets very busy, especially at weekends.Try to visit mid week and get there at opening time 1000. Plane which rides you want to go on and get to those 1st before the queues get too big.

Kids, you need to wear a hat or cap. There is not a lot of shade and it gets really hot in here.

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