The Lost Chambers


The Lost Chambers is like discovering the fables underwater world of Atlantis in real life. There are lots of maze like corridors,every corner which you takes brings a new breed of Sea Creature staring at you from the massive aquarium tanks which surround you.

As you turn the next corner you could come face to face with marine life from around the world including sharks, giant catfish, giant arapaima. My favourite part of Atlantis was the pool which contained Starfish, the guide actually let me pick one out to look at!

I don’t think that I have ever seen an Aquarium so big as this in my life.

You can pre book your tickets to visit the aquarium by clicking here

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2 thoughts on “The Lost Chambers

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  2. 12:38 am hah, this is just too funny. i found your blog through theo, and been srillocng through some pages tonight. and then whoa! i see my old neighbourhood, jumeriah beach residency in dubai. haha, i lived in the house right behind that horse sculpture (i watched that man making it, from my window. all made out of car tires, crazy!).and yes you’re right, the fun things in dubai were the ones for free.

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